Rolf Star.  Fine Furniture for Structural Integrators.
Rolf Star.  Fine Furniture for Structural Integrators.
Rolf Furniture For Sale.  Fine Wood Hand Crafted Structural Integration Therapy Furniture and Benches Retail Sales
Rolf Star TM 
Offers Several Different Choices, Heights, and Designs to choose from!

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Rolf Star is a Trademark of Alan Cina.  Rolf Star Is Fine Furniture For Structural Integrators.  ROLF STAR™ and Cina Structural Integration assumes no responsibility for damages due to modification, misuse or neglect of this product.  Use caution and common sense to care for yourself and your clientele.

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Rolf & Structural Integration Adjustable Bench - Extra Tall | Retail Sales St Louis Mo

Extra Tall Rolfing Furniture/ Bench & Structural Integration Furniture/Benches For Sale | Retail Sales St Louis Mo
Adjustable Bench - General Information

The bench backs up to the wall so your clients can feel at ease when you do abdominal work.

The seat adjusts by simply lifting up on the front edge and moving the back ears into the notches you want.

The design ensures that the seat stays in place.

The sides and seat are solid maple the center pieces are maple plywood. 

They are coated with a non-toxic finish.

All the corners are rounded over to soften the edges, making it a joy to touch and use.

The extra tall bench from 19" to 22" (48 - 56cm). 

The extra tall handles taller clientele up to 6'-6" (1m - 98cm) and keeps the femur level. The extra tall allows for the femur to slant down on regular clients.

The benches are shipped flat and easily assembled. 

Instructions are included along with the wrench.

There is an out of the way storage place for the wrench in the bench.

The price is $325 plus shipping and handling.

To ensure a quality bench they are assembled before being shipped.

Custom structural integration furniture craftwork is available. Pricing is determined by the requirements of each item.  

To purchase the bench which ships anywhere via UPS, FedEx or the post office

please contact Alan - 


Cina Structural Integration assumes no responsibility for damages due to modification, misuse or neglect of any of our products.

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